Being a Specialized lighting Manufacturer in Taiwan named as Radiant Star Co., LTD for more than 20 years since 1996 focus LED lighting solution. The company's initial business is focused on Taiwan and China local market, that main products originally for the fluorescent tubes, halogen lamps, gas discharge lamps and ordinary light bulbs and other lighting products. In 1998, the products were sold by light bulbs and lamps, combined with lighting development and relative applications.

In 2002, we create new brand as “Winstar” in the market and did build up new factory to upgrade better quality and service system and deal more OEM and ODM project to meet different customer’s needs. We have been making our best efforts on the developing new lighting solution and promoting LED lamps to enlarge business volume in recent years. Our company is one of the few domestic manufacturers to create own lamps starting from the lighting outside appearance design, setting up tooling mold and lead into main production then sales in the market and in charge of maintain system service for customers. We have the confidence to own the advantage of vertically integrating the relative material parts and tooling factories to control fully industry supplying chain to providing customers with total solutions and services about the lighting project needs.

In 2017, we began to creating new energy storage systems and energy-saving solutions product and we did also invest and developpe new mart lighting solution products to meet market requirements and continued to expand our sales volume locally and worldwide market, based on our business concept and principal of “ vertically & horizontally integrating for different relative diversification”.

Mile stone

  • [1996]
    • Established at Taipei City and began to deal export business.
    • Main Products: Light source product.
    • Main Markets: Europe, USA, Japan, Central & South America.
  • [1997]
    • HQ office was moved to New Taipei City.
  • [1998]
    • Combine to doing with Taiwan domestic market.
    • Main products: T5 fluorescent tubes, halogen light, and ordinary light bulbs.
  • [1999]
    • We had developed out mini size type of T5 aluminum cabinet Luminaire.
  • [2000]
    • Developed out Ultraviolet currency detecting machine that many banks decided to use.
  • [2002]
    • Developed out the big T5 aluminum Pedant Luminaire
    • Set up assembly factory in Taiwan.
  • [2003]
    • During SARS disease occurred in Taiwan, we developed out UVC Sterilizer to help in the market.
  • [2006]
    • To expand the business volume, we had increased our company operation area
  • [2008]
    • Set up new Taishan assembly factory and increased our operation area.
    • We Joined the government standard supplying contract to become a standard vender.
    • We keep in developing new LED luminaires.
    • We improved UVC sterilizer to update version of sterilizer.
  • [2009]
    • We expanded the Taishan assembly factory.
    • Our annual turnover was successfully exceeded over NT dollars 100 million (US$3.3 million) in the first time
    • We became the manufacturer and contractor of Government procurement standard supplying contract.
  • [2010]
    • Our assembly factory location had been moved to “New Taipei Industrial Park”
    • We began to produce and sell LED lighting products.
    • We finished developing our first model –new 15 cm size of Recessed Lamp and announce to sell in the market.
  • [2016]
    • To increase our office management efficiency, we combined our headquarters and the assembly factory together in “New Taipei Industrial Park” .
  • [2017]
    • We finished in developing energy storage system and announce to sell in the market and in the meantime , we lead into energy-saving solutions and smart lighting solution for the customers.

Principal we insist

Trust Quality Service Innovation Energy-Saved

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    We sincerely trust people and deal the business honestly.We sincerely expect for our customers and carry out our customer’s mission.

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    We do carefully to choose good material source then provide high quality products to customers.

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    We insist good customer service orientation and consider the “Customer First “ as best concept.

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    We insist that we need to develop and create new products continuously every year.

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    We insist that energy-saved & environmental is main trend in the future market.